Friday, June 10, 2011

Clear Lake, CA

If you want have fun and relax with friends, you don't need to plan so much. Just look around your city and find a perfect weekend getaway. In mid-September 2010, we chose Clear Lake for a relaxing weekends with friends. With over 100 miles of shoreline, Clear Lake is one of the largest, naturally occurring freshwater lake in California. There are simple things which can make your vacation exactly how you want to, like Lakes. 

After a lot of planning, discussions and different lists, finally came the Friday evening when we all left homes and took I-80 towards north of California. It was about 3 to 3.5hrs drive through plains and mountains. Clear Lake is in north of Napa Valley. Although it was all dark outside, but still we could feel the different locations, like Winery when crossed Napa, sweet cold wind while in Lake Country and scary zig-zak mountain roads while crossing hills. And above all was our irritating GPS, which repeats just one line, "GPS singal lost" and I had to read and guide Gaurav about the route while driving. We were five couples and three singles and all reached around same time. We had pre-booked a vacation home on the lake and the owner was nice to lite up the bonfire to welcome us.

the warm bonfire waiting for us

relaxing after drive, others checking out the house!

after settling down, we started with loud music and dance 
followed by cake cutting and birthday bumps to one of our friends!

then late-night Gaurav and other guys found this mask to scare us. 
Believe me, when they knocked at our room door with the mask late night, 
I simple jumped over the bed! I was really silly to get scared with this ;)

it was a beautiful morning by the lake

the day started with light breakfast on the lake.

gave some breakfast to the ducks there!

relaxing and chit-chats

we had a lot of modes of entertainment, and Uno was big hit there!

Kayak in the evening, followed by...

...evening snacks, bar-be-que and hookah

next morning guys cooked Maggi for all, 
although they took more than an hour to cook 2 minutes noodle 
but it was for sure tasty, since then they are Maggi Doodles

all relaxing after lunch

we call the group, 'Desh Ki Dhadkan'

We left Clear Lake on Sunday noon. Took a snack break at Vicks, Berkeley, and back to our homes after a beautiful relaxing weekend!

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